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Susie said: I avoid these intimate interactions, second-guess everything I do, and am thin skinned and extremely private. I like live groups (once upon a time, before Internet, all groups were live, remember?) so that I can socialize without giving of myself. It all stays nice and superficial--er, easy--that way. And if I reveal too much, I disappear. Forever.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Grapefruit Sale Week (part 1) -- A smorgasboard today -- Thursday, March 23, 2006

A smorgasboard today.

People must tire of clicking on this site and finding nothing new. So from now on, whenever I'm busy preparing long, meaty stories, in the meantime I'll throw out some snacks. Here are three that should have been served and eaten already. And however much now I hate to ruin dinner by serving snacks first, they're piling up and getting stale in the refrigerator.

1. The dog's okay. We're crazy. Bam Bam had to sleep downstairs in the offices again last night (I have nothing to do with this, so direct all hate mail to my husband [I dare you]). Bam Bam was about to be exiled permanently to the garage, but I managed to get his sentence adjudicated. If he pees or poops or gnaws the furniture or rips the carpet or ______ oooooooonce more (you get the picture), he'll serve time. The judge/husband wants to make an example out of this one, he does.

2. Yesterday I came to understand that enthusiasm breeds energy. If you lose enthusiasm in any area of your life, you no longer have the energy to produce in that area. So find out what you must do to keep things fresh. Maybe you need a break to revitalize creative juices (remember: God mandated rest when he created the Sabbath), or maybe a variation in your workout or routine.

3. Today I came to understand that all we earthlings are damaged. And we heal our damage by helping others. This works on the outside as well as inside. For instance, if somebody has damaged his reputation (outside), doing charity work can win him back respect (President Carter). If somebody has been damaged by another's thoughtlessness or outright cruelty (inside), helping ease another's hurts will heal his own. (Visit a nursing home. Ask at the nurses' desk who would appreciate a visit. They'll suggest somebody coherent and affable, and your visit will be very pleasant. You may just find a cherished friend, as I have.)

And now for dinner: the as-yet unedited and uncut story. [Translation: it will read differently tomorrow.)

"Ooooh, what happent to you hant? " a Hispanic lady asks as we're picking avocados together late one night at Fiesta, a grocery store two blocks away from my home. I've lived in an Hispanic neighborhood for eight years, and I'm still often bemused at the people and culture.

My hand looks pretty bad. The back had turned dark red, then swelled, blistered, and turned brown. Next it began to peel, showing flaming pink skin underneath. I tell everybody who asks that I burned it.

"With what?" nosy people will continue.

With tile cleaning and bleaching chemicals. That could be, because I was cleaning my tile without gloves. But by the weird way my hand swelled, I rather suspect that I had gotten into some allergic brush on my long doggie hikes through fields and bayous. And I briefly suspected ebola, but I didn't want to panic my hypochandriac husband and son, so I never mentioned it. Anyway, a burn is safer to parade out in public than a contagious rash or disease.

"Ooooh, eet looks teddible! Haf you seen a doctor?" the nos
y lady continues.
No!? For just a burn?
"Well, you shood poot someting on eet, like aloe vedda. You haf, no?"

Not content to nose alone, she calls the Hispanic grocer over for a look too.

"Loooook! Look at her hant!"

I, of course, dutifully hold my hand up for him to inspect, not wanting to embarrass the nosy lady, and at the same time wanting to downplay the scene by proving See? It's not so bad afterall. I'm not so nasty and unhygenic as you must think.

At first he stares at it blanky. Then he looks flustered, wondering what reaction we want from him, wondering what am I doing here, anyway? And what does any of this have to do with me?

"I no speakuh English veddy goot, "she addresses me, "but I tell you de best I can: Prrray to Jesus. Jesus loves you. He will helpuh you hant."

While glad for the encouragement, and warmed to hear of Jesus' care, I want to get away fast before she calls over more people and I become a freak show.


Run-ins like these, while embarrassing, are often amusing and harmless, providing great fodder for Can you believe...! tales to entertain friends and family with. But some days, one must do everything he can to avoid these friendly/nosy people lest they sabotage his mission, as during

Grapefruit Sale Week (part 1)

Grapefruit Sale Week
is a special event at our house. All year long, we eagerly await it because we drink so much juice--over a gallon a day, fresh-squeezed. And we prefer sweet Ruby Red grapefruit juice. So every season, when they go on sale, we buy thousands. And Sellers Brothers was having a sale.

Now the job falls to me to gather these grapefruits. No one will help me because no one can stomach the embarrassment: the whispers, the raised eyebrows, the nosy questions, and worst of all, the run-ins with the store managers when they see our carts overflowing with grapefruits. And not to mention the time spent hand-picking every one. They have to be thin-skinned, plump, and firm, and young enough to sit and ripen for some weeks without rotting.

Now, granted, I'm embarrassed and frustrated by these things, too. But amassing the grapefruits has to be done. And when something has to be done, one must set his feelings aside and just do it. He must tuck his chin and barrel through. No whimpering.

Warning: This attitude, while practical and productive, does not always sit well with husbands. For instance, when mine had quadruple-bypass surgery last December, he called me a heartless drill sergeant, a Hitler. And he whined that recovering at home with me was like being in boot camp.
Awkward place to stop, I know. But more later when the Muses return.

posted by Susie Hovendick Chan


  • At 6/30/2006 03:49:00 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    At Fri Mar 24, 01:03:19 AM CST, Drunk Blogger said...

    At Fri Mar 24, 03:10:23 PM CST, Drunk Blogger said...
    haha, no need to quit. Thanks though.

    At Fri Mar 24, 03:49:35 PM CST, Susie Hovendick Chan said...
    Ya'll have to read Drunk Blogger In Hollywood's Wenesday post. It's hilarious. It's about picking a topic for writing. Whackiest thing I've ever read. Dad and Karen will laugh (they enjoy watching wrestling). I don't think Drunk Blogger has to fish for topics. He could make anything sound funny.

    Not that I'm approving of a lifestyle of uncurbed drinking, Drunk Blogger! (Read my staid profile.)

    At Fri Mar 24, 04:56:04 PM CST, Karen said...
    Hi Susie- Oh yes, Dad and I love wrestling. He used to either get us tickets or win us tickets on the radio for the pay-per-view matches when they came to Houston.

    I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! We are going to the Motley Crue concert tonight.... Have a good weekend! I will have to check out drunk blogger's blog!

    At Fri Mar 24, 05:16:13 PM CST, Susie Hovendick Chan said...
    Oops. His wednesday post isn't about wrestling. I just meant anyone who enjoys watching television wrestling is whacky. And you and Dad are both off-the-wall.

    At Fri Mar 24, 06:23:39 PM CST, Rachel said...
    Good post!

    Sounds like you kinda did become a mini freak show with that Hispanic woman calling everyone over to have a look!

    At Fri Mar 24, 07:50:59 PM CST, Anonymous said...
    If you are witness to a bad deed and don't do anything to correct it - that makes you just as GUILTY and BAD as the doer.

    At Fri Mar 24, 07:58:05 PM CST, Susie Hovendick Chan said...
    I didn't say Carter was a good doer. I said he won back his reputation. He left office a laughingstock. Then worked with Habitat for Humanity, a charity. Now he is respected again.

    An Billy, I'm onto you.

    At Fri Mar 24, 08:44:29 PM CST, Anonymous said...
    I am not Billy but I am still WATCHING YOU!

    Guilt sure is something!...

    At Fri Mar 24, 08:49:49 PM CST, Cliff Morrow said...
    I know this is a bit early to say in our relationship Mitch, but,....I love you. "he left office a laughing stock".. and then went down hell from there.

    Am I reading the same blog. We have gone from Adi riding in golf carts to a poor dog that has been banished to the dungeon beneath.

    Susie, this is really good stuff you've written.

    At Fri Mar 24, 09:02:35 PM CST, Elise said...
    I liked #2.

    At Fri Mar 24, 10:43:31 PM CST, Susie Hovendick Chan said...
    Thanks for the encouragement, Rachel, Cliff, and (ahem) Drunk.

    Mitch is a little retentatiive. When small, he would fight for justice with Mom for hours. He had to be her favorite. Either that or his arguments were really strong. She wouldn't take that from the rest of us. I always thought he would be a lawyer.

    Anonymous, Dad told me that Billy and I are the only two that commented anonymously. And your'e not me, so you're YOU.

    At Fri Mar 24, 11:32:59 PM CST, Karen said...
    Sorry Susie.... it really wasn't Billy. He was at the Motley Crue concert with me at The Toyota Center. We just got home! Left the house at 6 PM to go get sushi before the concert

    At Fri Mar 24, 11:35:49 PM CST, Karen said...
    Mitch, I might have to do my next post about me being a tree-hugging liberal Democrat!

    At Sat Mar 25, 01:14:37 PM CST, Anonymous said...
    It's getting hot in here!!

    Well, here is a word from me (that I had sent family earlier). Susie, please copy it and post it as a comment on your next writing.


    Hi Guys

    We are leaving Sicily tomorrow morning at 3:30, Day Light
    Saving time. That is six and a half hours from now, so will
    go to bed for a little while. The bags are in the hall,
    breakfast is at 2:00 or later.

    We had a wonderful time in Sicily. If you haven't been, you
    ought to come.

    Next is the Italian Amalfi coast, we will be staying in
    Sorento for a week.

    So if you need us, call the hotel or e-mail. We don't know
    if the hotel there has Internet for us or if we will have to
    go to the smoky places downtown?


    At Sat Mar 25, 09:00:01 PM CST, Anonymous said...
    So is that a superpower that ONLY you and Billy have??? Maybe you should not believe everything daddy says...


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